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The Latino Experience in NYC

More than a quarter of New York City’s population is Latino, making up what might be the most diverse Latino representation of any city in the world: communities across the five boroughs hail from every Latin American country. Thanks to both first-generation New Yorkers and those with a longstanding history, Latin American culture forms an integral part of the City’s fabric—seen in countless historic sites, arts institutions, restaurants, small businesses, parades and festivals. 

In this section, we spotlight New York City’s variety of Latino experiences, businesses and cultural offerings. Bookmark this page and check back frequently for new content. 

A Glimpse into the Latino Experience

Latinos in New York City hail from all parts of Latin America—Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Belize and so many more. The intersection of cultures, music, food and styles creates an unparalleled Latino experience in the five boroughs.

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