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Superiority Burger


Order a burger at Superiority Burger, and the counter person might ask if you want it "vegetarian." "Isn't everything vegetarian?" you say, already schooled in the hype surrounding this Brooks Headley (ex-Del Posto) sensation, where all menu items are meat-free. The question turns out to seek confirmation of topping your burger with Muenster cheese, but a dairy-less vegan version is available. Either way, it's juicy, beefy looking and easy to wolf down, perhaps the closest facsimile to the real thing thus far. Composed of grains, beans and tofu, the patty gets covered with tomato, pickles and lettuce. This is mindful fast food with a sense of fun, featuring a meatless sloppy joe and images of White Castle and John Waters with Divine; music by the likes of the Clash and Elvis bounces off the white-tiled walls. (Headley is also a musician). Since there are only six seats, get it to go and find a bench in nearby Tompkins Square Park.

430 E. 9th St.
Manhattan, NY 10009
  (212) 256-1192
  Hours: Thurs.–Mon., 6pm–10pm

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